SERVICE KIT FOR BMW 3 SERIES F30 F31 F34 325D B47 OIL FILTER +0W30 OIL 2015-2019

Listing Number: 1000184206
Condition: New
Type: Service Kits
Part Manufacturer: Bosch/Millers Oils
Part Manufacturer Number: P7205,SPWBMW3SB47D20B,7997
Type: Oil Filter, Sump Plug Washer, Engine Oil, Fully Sy...
Reference Oe/oem Number: F026407205, 11428575211, ACEA C2, API SN, API CF, ...
Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Vehicle Model: 3 Series
Vehicle Sub Model: 325D
Vehicle Engine Code(s): B47D20B
Vehicle Manufacture Date: 04/2015-12/2018
Upc: 7625930268547
Ean: 7625930268547
Sae Viscosity: 0W30
Volume: 5 L
Grade: Multigrade
Available: 10
Sold: 0 - Item Feedback
Item Location: Stirling
Shipping: Other - 48 Hr Courier (More)
Shipping Price: Free
Estimated Delivery: Tuesday 29 September
Returns: Accepted
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Seller's Store: fosautoparts

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  • Condition: New