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Hello and welcome to this listing for Chicza, the Mayan Rainforest chewing gum! 

Please take a moment to read the following information:

Chicza gum is made of chicle sap which is sustainably harvested from living Chicozapote trees. This natural gum base means Chicza behaves differently to other chewing gum products, namely, that it is more sensitive to temperature changes. Cold temperatures cause the gum to become more brittle which can lead to the gum breaking up in the mouth when chewed. As the gum warms up during chewing it will rejoin together and form a single piece again. This is not a manufacturing defect but simply a result of using a natural gum base. 

Keeping Chicza stored in a warm place and warming it up prior to chewing (in your pocket for example) will result in the best chewing experience.

While those of us who have been chewing Chicza for many years will have gotten used to this characteristic of the gum, people who are new to Chicza and normally chew conventional gum (Wrigley's, Extra,Orbit etc) it can be quite a surprise and possibly lead to feelings that Chicza is a poor quality product which is absolutely not the case!

Thank you for reading, please feel free to continue into the description below where you will find more details about the wonderful product that is Chicza chewing gum!


Are you looking for an all natural, organic chewing gum that tastes great, is good for your body and kind to the planet? Then look no further! Chicza chewing gum is a fantastic, healthy alternative to the other low grade, synthetic gums currently on the market.


So why purchase Chicza chewing gum? Here are a few things to consider..


Chicza biodegrades. It is entirely natural. It comes from the Earth and easily returns home. If dropped on the pavement (by accident!) it will not stay around indefinitely like other synthetic gums and leave unsightly marks everywhere.


It's organic! This means it is free from toxic chemicals which, once consumed, build up in your body and contribute to and exacerbate health problems. Conventional gum brands mask a long list of synthetic ingredients in the catch-all term "Gum Base", but their main ingredients include polyisobutylene (a petroleum based rubber used to make the inner tubes of tires) and polyvinyl acetate - more commonly known as “white glue”. To this inorganic plastic goo they add artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and a cocktail of sweeteners - often including the infamous Aspartame. Even if you don’t swallow gum, these potential toxins still make their way into your bloodstream through the mucous membranes of your mouth.

Chicza on the other hand contains the following ingredients:

Organic Evaporated Cane Juice + Organic Gum Base (%100 Chicle) + Organic Glucose + Organic Agave Syrup + Organic Flavour


You are supporting the livelihood of a Chiclero and his family! 

Chicza gum is made of chicle sap which is sustainably harvested from living Chicozapote trees that can live for 300 years. Within the Mayan Rainforest, a native community know as the Consorcio Chiclero sustainably manage these ancient ecosystems as they harvest chicle for their livelihood. There are 56 cooperatives made up of roughly 2,000 Chicleros and their families (more than 10,000 native people) working in an area of 3.2 million acres of rainforest.

So, when you chew Chicza, you are supporting the livelihood of a Chiclero and his family. In return, the Chiclero continues to preserve the forest where he and his family live.

Right! so here are the options facing you today.

1. Buy a pack of Extra or similar chewing gum - in doing so you: line the pockets of a large, profit driven company that has no regard for peoples health but only for acquiring money; chew something that is infused with chemicals that will contribute to the decline of your own health; support a company that doesn't care about the environment as it continues to produce its synthetic, rubbery gum product that does not biodegrade.

2. Buy a pack of Chicza chewing gum  - in doing so you: Buy a product that is entirely natural and organic which means you avoid all of the health damaging chemicals packed inside the alternatives; support the livelihood of a Chiclero and his family - people who greatly respect and care deeply for the forest they live in; look after the environment by supporting the continued production of a product that is fully biodegradable.


It is the combination of many small steps (such as choosing to buy Chicza over the other low grade gums) that will help move us all towards a better world and improved health.


Buy a pack of Chicza today and take a step in the right direction 


Thank you for reading


Please note the following:

Since Chicza is an all natural product, the texture and consistency of the gum may vary slightly from pack to pack. 


Chicza is best stored away from the cold and it is advisable to warm the gum up before chewing (in your pocket for example) to soften the gum base.