About eBUYgumm

eBUYgumm was formed in the early part of 2017 and officially launched on the 25th August 2018 at Summer Fest 2018 in the their home town of Solihull, West Midlands, UK!

eBUYgumm is for online buyers and sellers, developed by online buyers and sellers that simply were not happy with what was being offered elsewhere:

  • Waiting for auctions to end and being out bid with seconds to go!
  • The continued increase of selling fees with hidden charges making selling not worthwhile!
  • Our online business was being severely affected due to international suppliers selling the same products for less than we purchased!
  • Being scammed and having dispute decisions always being made against us in favour of the buyer!
  • Having a user un-friendly selling environment making listing increasingly more difficult!
  • Due to high fees and international sellers, profits were decreasing immensely making it just not worth continuing! 
  • Having to use a payment gateway that was not trustworthy, biased in favour of buyers and always restricting access to £1000’s of funds without explanation!

SO... with eBUYgumm we decided to dissect the online market place and remove everything we were unhappy about to bring you a platform that we loved ... with the hope the UK love and feel secure using.

Our objective is simple... to become the place to buy and sell in the UK... why? Because eBUYgumm, is for UK only residents, is a platform free of selling fees making it worth the people of the UK to start sell their items again where many have stopped on other sites due to being too expensive and too time consuming to list! 

Well not anymore... try it for yourself… It’s time to start selling again! You make the money... you make the profit!

We bring you a desktop website and our innovative app, which both will reduce your workload and make listing easier than ever before...

  • * No Selling Fees..
  • * No Auctions to wait for 
  • * No International Sellers to compete with..
  • * No Scams..
  • * Easy, fast listing, list a car in under 60 seconds..
  • * No Fees - Higher Profits..
  • * It’s worth selling..
  • * TrustePay the safe way to buy & sell..
  • * Want to collect but don’t want the worry of carrying cash? We have that covered too! 

eBUYgumm is the new safe and fast way to buy and sell ...  Online Selling can be FUN!